Lim Lab, 2020 Jan

Principal investigator

Seung-Oe Lim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery

Purdue University


limsoe [at]

Seung-Oe Lim completed his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Seoul National University, Korea in 2008. After he joined to Mien-Chie Hung’s laboratory at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2010 as a postdoctoral fellow, he focused on developing effective therapeutic strategies based on mechanism studies for key molecules in breast cancer. He joined Purdue University as an assistant professor in July 2017.

Alyssa Min Jung Kim

PharmD / Ph.D. student

kim1705 [at]

Alyssa Kim completed her pre-PharmD in 2016. She joined Lim Lab as a Pharm.D. student in September 2017.

Ruoxuan Sun

MCMP Ph.D. student

sun714 [at]

Ruoxuan Sun completed his M.S. in Chemical Biology at Peking University, China in 2017. He joined Lim Lab as a MCMP graduate student in December 2017.

Bareun Kim, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral fellow

kim2756 [at]

Bareun Kim completed her Ph.D. in Physiology at Pusan National University, Korea in 2017. She joined Lim Lab as a postdoctoral fellow in November 2017.

Wonkyung Oh, Ph.D.

Research associate

oh193 [at]

Wonkyung Oh completed her Ph.D. in Food Science and Bioengineering at the University of Sungkyunkwan, Korea in 2008. She joined Lim Lab as a research associate in August 2019.

Johann Richard Schwarz

Undergraduate student

schwar99 [at]

Johann Schwarz joined Lim Lab as an undergrad student in September 2018.

Rotation students

  • 2017 Fall: Ruoxuan Sun (MCMP)

  • 2017 Fall: Rami Alfar (MCMP)

  • 2018 Spring: Aneesha Kulkarni (PULSe)

  • 2018 Fall: Sherry Liang (MCMP)

  • 2019 Fall: Xiangyi Gao (MCMP)

Previous members

  • Se-Hoon Hong, Ph.D.          Postdoctoral fellow         07.2017 - 01.2019 

  • Aneesha Kulkarni                 PULSe student               04.2018 - 12.2019 

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