September 7, 2018

Thank you for submitting an application to the Lim Lab Idea Award call. I received four proposals from you and all proposals were reviewed. FYI, all proposals were uploaded in our labarchives' Proposal folder. 

I would like to fund Dr. Kim’s proposal, “Optimization...

July 12, 2018

Announcement Date: July 12th, 2018

Proposal Deadline: September 3rd, 2018

Award Notification Date: End of September, 2018


To encourage all lab members’ innovative research in Lim Lab, Dr. Seung-Oe Lim is allocating funds to support the establishment of your i...

May 2, 2018

Congratulations! Alyssa Kim was selected as a recipient of the Gateway to Research Award. She was selected from a highly selective pool of applicants.

April 28, 2018

Team "Lim Lab" in Susan G Komen Race of the Cure in Indianapolis on April 28th, 2018.

Team Lim Lab: Russell, Alyssa, Bareun, Aneesha, Se-Hoon, and Seung-Oe.

April 19, 2018

 We attended the AACR annual meeting and had a lunch meeting with Dr. Mien-Chie Hung (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center) on April 17th.

February 12, 2018

"Eradication of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Targeting Glycosylated PD-L1" was published in Cancer Cell.


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